'Hers' and 'His' Cocktail Ideas for summer weddings

‘Hers’ and ‘His’ cocktail ideas for summer weddings

Remember this song: ‘Girls are made of sugar, and spice, and all things nice…’ ? Of course, every person is different, just like their taste preference are, but weddings are such a perfect occasion to celebrate the uniqueness of men and women, and customised wedding drinks are one of the great ways to do that!

‘His’ and ‘Her’ cocktail creations have been in the wedding industry for quite a while, first starting as a simple juxtaposition of traditionally ‘girly’ drinks, like bubbly and fruity cocktails, and more ‘manly’ variants with whiskey, cognacs, etc. While all of this has absolutely a place to be, we also think it can be cool to add a little extra touch of personalisation to this nice tradition (can we call it a tradition yet?!). Why not remembering what cocktails you had at your very first date (if that’s the case), and recreating them with your bar team?
Or, maybe, instead of going for already existing recipes, create a pair of completely new ones that will include your favourite ingredients and your favourite alcohol?

On that note, we want to share a couple of our favourite recipes inspired by our lovely bride and groom clients.


2/3 parts Vanillia Vodka
1 1/3 parts Strawberry Juice
2/3 part lychee liqueur
2/3 part Passion fruit juice
2/3 part passion fruit liqueur
1/3 part red grenadine
Strawberry and passion fruit garnished


2 parts Bourbon
2/3 part caramel syrup
2/3 part Sweet vermouth
1 part pineapple juice
1-2 dash Angostura bitters
1 twist orange peel

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