3 Ways to Personalise Drinks for Your Wedding

3 Ways to Personalise Drinks for Your Wedding

Can there be a more personal event than a wedding? A beautiful day that celebrates love of two people, with their closest people around… That is why it’s important, that everything, absolutely everything, in your wedding day has a truly personal meaning: be it your favourite flowers in dinner arrangements, menu inspired by your travels, self-written vows, and… your drinks, of course.

Now, of course, it will take a bit of time and creativity to come up with this extra bit of uniqueness for your day, but believe us (and we’ve seen so many cool weddings!), it’s totally worth it!

So here’re a few tips that can add a personal touch to your bar menu:

Recreate drinks from your first date / proposal / first trip together

Everybody loves when there’s a story behind a drink, right? We all get so fascinated to read these short stories in speak-easy bar menus, or chat it through with barmen on a night out… So why not add this meaningful touch to your wedding? You can even put the cards with the story at the bar on how/when/why you loved these drinks and why they’re so meaningful to you.

Create your own cocktails

There’s something really romantic in cooking for each other, and something even more romantic in creating drinks! There’re a few ways to go about it: you can work with your bar team to create drinks that each of you loves personally OR (and that’s so much cooler we think!) you can create a drink for your other half that you feel would describe his/her personality.

Go creative with the presentation

Presentation is the key! Surprise your guests with having their drinks served with a personalised touch. Think monogrammed napkins or cocktail garnishes, drinks in a general wedding color-scheme, etc.

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