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'Hers' and 'His' Cocktail Ideas for summer weddings

Remember this song: ‘Girls are made of sugar, and spice, and all things nice…’ ? Of course, every person is different, just like their taste preference are, but weddings are such a perfect occasion to celebrate the uniqueness of men and women, and customised wedding…

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3 Ways to Personalise Drinks for Your Wedding

Can there be a more personal event than a wedding? A beautiful day that celebrates love of two people, with their closest people around… That is why it’s important, that everything, absolutely everything, in your wedding day has a truly personal meaning: be it your…

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3 Very-Thailand Ways to Keep Your Guests Hydrated

Having a summer wedding (and, frankly, it always feel like summer in Thailand!) means, among other things, that you need to keep yourselves and your guests hydrated. Water is a safe way to go, but… it’s a special event after all, so let’s get creative!…

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